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Instantly boost your digital product sales.

Add proof-of-purchase to sell more digital products on Gumroad or Lemonsqueezy.

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Built for LemonSqueezy & Gumroad

Effortlessly increase your sales conversions.

Use GrowPulse to convert more visitors into sales for your digital products on Gumroad & LemonSqueezy. In less than 5 mins, you could boost sales by over 10% and add automatic, real-time social proof to your website.

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Add real-time social proof in just a few clicks.

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Start converting more visitors into sales, with automatic real-time social proof notifications via GrowPulse.


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  • $79/mo for 10k visits (Proof)

P.S. If you're a student, non-profit, or in a low-income country, please feel free to reach out and we'll do our best!

Automagically increase your digital product sales.

In just a few clicks, add proof-of-purchase alerts to your website, boost conversions, and sell more of your products on Gumroad or Lemonsqueezy.   Try it free →


Frequently asked questions:

GrowPulse allows you to effortlessly display recent sales (social proof) notifications on any website, automatically integrated with your Gumroad store (comparable to UseProof or Evidence.io). See it in action here on vip.graphics →

Social proof (in a marketing context) refers to evidence that other people have purchased &/or appreciated your product or service.

The social proof psychology principle says that when people are uncertain, they'll most likely look to others for behavioral guidance. When applied to marketing, social proof basically translates to: “This product/service worked for these people who are in a similar situation, so it will work for me.” Marketers can leverage this to influence buyers and increase conversion rates by using tools like GrowPulse to automatically display social proof (ie. recent sale notifications) on your website.

Enjoy 7 days free when you signup for GrowPulse.

After your trial is over, choose the plan best for you – GrowPulse offers transparent prices starting from as low as $18/mo. for a single site. Read more here →

For comparison, $80/mo gets you just 25k visits with Evidence.io, or $79/mo. for 10k visits with UseProof. Boost conversions autopilot with GrowPulse: unlimited real-time social proof notifications in a few clicks!

Gumroad and Lemonsqueezy do not yet allow users to add custom Javascript code directly to your shop on their domain (gumroad.com and lemonsqueezy.com, respectively).

This tool is designed for creators who drive their sales though landing pages (ie. powered by Clickfunnels, WordPress, Webflow, vanilla HTML, etc.) – you can easily install GrowPulse on any such website and boost your sales in a few clicks!

For example, you can see GrowPulse in action at vip.graphics (via Gumroad + Lemonsqueezy).

Sure thing! Check out GrowPulse in action on vip.graphics →

GrowPulse was the brainchild of VIP Graphics – we felt that existing social proof solutions that support Gumroad were overly expensive and overwrought, so we built GrowPulse one weekend and have continued to use & improve it since. Once we went live with GrowPulse on vip.graphics, it only made sense to share our solution with everyone!

About – GrowPulse (formerly GumProof)

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